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Soul Engravings will be Artur Grejner’ s first respective exhibition which will include a sample of his practice of over 20 drawings-a-year over 20 years.

His practice has been associated as an outsider artist or as a punk artist, however Artur Grejner practice is uniquely his own. Grejner believes that his art form.

“Is all about feelings and emotions, the process of creation for me…. It's always a mystery. However, you can see my moods in my artistic practice: grotesque, melancholic, erotica ….”

Artur Grejner is a Cork-based, Polish visual-artist who is driven by his fascination with living inside the art he creates, and with time as a discrete entity of life itself. He predominantly works in the creation of monochromatic images that to the viewer appear raw, surreal even outlandish - dreamscapes that are mystical lands -magical.

Exhibiting dates: Thursday 29th June to Wednesday 12th July 2023 (excluding weekends)

Viewing times: 11.00am – 4.00pm

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