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We’re Elle and Norza, founders of Malay Kitchen. We began our culinary venture when we opened the doors of our first restaurant in Kinsale in 2014. After branching out to Cork City, we made it our mission to bring recipes passed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers to Irish homes.

Food is a huge part of Malaysian culture and our goal is to combine our professional expertise as chefs with our heritage to create high-quality, healthy, and affordable street food for an authentic cooking experience at home.

Experience the rich spices and aromas of Malaysian cuisine in your own kitchen. We only use fresh and locally sourced ingredients in our Rendang & Massaman curry pastes and Pad Thai sauce. Our range of Malay Kitchen sauces is prepared without MSG or artificial additives. We also look after the environment with our sustainable packaging that you can return to us for reuse.

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