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New to St Peters next week in our Mezzanine Gallery Flotsam Magazine. Open from 06/06/2024 until 16/06/2024

On your way to this exhibition chances are that you will have passed the work of some, if not all, of our artists, likely without even knowing it. Their chosen canvas is the furniture of the streets themselves; the lampposts, the stop signs, the back of benches, and their audience is everyone. These masterpieces in miniature can be provocative, playful and satirical; holding a mirror up to our social mores and putting the spotlight on the failings of our leaders. They can be crude and intricate, whimsical and righteous, hidden and visible.

These are works of art designed to be both transient, and a shared experience. The public and the weather can freely change, adapt, or destroy them in an ever-developing cycle of birth, change, decay, and disappearance. An egalitarian art form, sticker art is by the people and for the people.

Flotsam is a free cultural magazine which aims to showcase some of the best artists, writers, and creators from across Ireland. We are proud to launch this show to highlight the work of some of our best collaborators, and open your eyes to the beauty that can be seen all around you, if you only care to look

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