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The Fish Kitchen focuses on three elements, freshness, simplicity, quality. We do our best not to interfere with the Fish we are serving, simply served with skin side up along with a variety of simple butters or sauces on top or on the side. While geographically we are in an ideal location to keep the distance between the sea and the plate as short as possible we believe that this is one of the most important factors to consider when sourcing our fish.

We are also conscious of the importance of sustainable fishing when considering our sources. Traceability is important and we do our best to support the Irish fishing fleet by buying as much Irish caught fish as possible.

We are willing to explore new ideas and recently we have researched the use of seaweed on our menu and attended BIM courses on seaweed farm management and on growing courses with a view to introducing native seaweeds on to our menu. We have already experimented with Laminaria (Kelp) in Bread, Stocks and in wraps.

The Staff are well experienced in the seafood industry with a good knowledge of how to handle fish. On our team we have experience and qualifications in the following sectors of the fishing industry: Catering, Hospitality, Retail, Aquaculture, Fisheries and Marine Biology.

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