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Ursula Burke will create a tapestry frieze which investigates Irish historical, art historical and contemporary representations of guerrilla warfare. The tapestry is inspired by the work of Norwegian tapestry artist Hannah Ryggen (1894-1970) who made a series of powerful tapestries representing images of resistance and highlighting the brutality of Nazi occupied Norway during World War II. The artist has invited Ukrainian weaver Zhanna Petrenko to weave the tapestry, creating a thread between two countries and periods of time - Ireland and Ukraine, both suffering oppression at the hands of a more powerful neighbour and both having common experiences of the devastating effects of famine.

Burke will also create a sculpture of a battle - bruised dog modelled on ‘The Jennings Dog’ - a Greek bronze from the 2nd century CE - which will be covered in hand embroidered flames emblematic of all the houses and commercial premises that were burnt out by the Black and Tans.

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